Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whats the deal with private MMORPG Servers?

So I know many of you have heard of people being able to access MMORPGs with monthly fees for free. The truth is that they are not actually playing the servers hosted by the creators of the game. Instead a private group uses emulation software to make there own MMORPG server. Most of these servers have very bad connections because they are hosted privately. Some have decent connection rates, but none can live up to the retail MMORPGs connection standards. These servers also can have many things changed to the actual game, some servers offer faster XP in the MMORPG or even new items and weapons. This can add a new expierience to the MMORPG you are currently playing.

Another downside of private MMORPG servers is that they are usually very buggy. Some skills or abilities might not work, the game may crash due to various bugs that work in the retail version of the MMORPG. My advice is that, if you REALLY cant afford to pay a monthly MMORPG fee, then go right ahead and give them a try. Now to all you paying customers out there, its just not worth it.

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