Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whats the deal with Private Servers? pt. 2

Hi everyone, after a few days of experimenting with these "Private Servers" for mmorpgs, there is one thing you need to look out for.

Donations for Private MMORPG servers

This is very risky and I highly discourage donating to private servers. These operators try to suck you in to donating to their World Of Warcraft Private Server or other MMORPG Private Server because they need it to run the server itself. Now I know your thinking, "Why in the hell would anybody want to donate real money for a free server?" Well the answer is that these owners suck you into donating because they offer in-game weapons and items that are the best in the game in exchange for a donation. This attracts CRAZY amount of people to donate for their World Of Warcraft Private Server or other MMORPG Private Server.

Now if you want to donate for an item, that is fine and there is nothing wrong with that. But these servers are not very "stable" in the sense that alot of them can completely fade away within a night. This could be due to a lack of funds from the owner, the owner could be too busy, the owner might now want to do it anymore or the site could just be closed down. Now after this happens, you just wasted your money. So I would stay away from donations in World Of Warcraft Private Servers or any other MMORPG Private Server.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whats the deal with private MMORPG Servers?

So I know many of you have heard of people being able to access MMORPGs with monthly fees for free. The truth is that they are not actually playing the servers hosted by the creators of the game. Instead a private group uses emulation software to make there own MMORPG server. Most of these servers have very bad connections because they are hosted privately. Some have decent connection rates, but none can live up to the retail MMORPGs connection standards. These servers also can have many things changed to the actual game, some servers offer faster XP in the MMORPG or even new items and weapons. This can add a new expierience to the MMORPG you are currently playing.

Another downside of private MMORPG servers is that they are usually very buggy. Some skills or abilities might not work, the game may crash due to various bugs that work in the retail version of the MMORPG. My advice is that, if you REALLY cant afford to pay a monthly MMORPG fee, then go right ahead and give them a try. Now to all you paying customers out there, its just not worth it.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rappelz MMORPG Review

Here is my first MMORPG Review for this blog. The rating system is to the right of you on this page.

Playability: For a free MMORPG, this game has a great combat system that doesn't seem to get boring. There are three 3 races to choose from, along with 3 classes. You change your class to different ones as you advance in the game. The dungeons in the game are very fun and will keep you hooked. As you play you get "Job Points" for killing monsters. You spend these job points on skills and abilities. There is something about the system that was developed in this game that keeps you hooked.

Community: I have mixed feelings about the community. There is a global chat in the game where all players can discuss. When you try to ask a question in the global chat, people seem to just ignore you. Although if you meet someone in-game they will usually stop to help you with your problem. I just feel that if there is a global chat, there should be kind enough people to help, but thats usually not the case.

Connection: Tsk Tsk Tsk... Right here is the main problem with this game. This game lags like hell. I am running on a high end computer and even in low resolution, I still seem to lag. City lag is horrible, walking through the town center is a quest in itself.

Graphics: Amazing! These graphics are absolutely amazing coming from a free game. Wait no, coming from a free MMORPG! The grass fields sway back and forth and the characters look beautiful!

Final Score: (8/10)

Pirates Of The Carribean Online - MMORPG

Hey everybody, Last night I decided to try out a new MMORPG. I tried out Pirates Of The Caribbean Online. Now I didn't expect much of it but I tried to keep an open mind. Now don't get me wrong, I like the PotC franchise, and I think that an MMORPG is a great idea for this franchise. But to be dead honest, it just wasn't well made. The thing that is a turn of with this MMORPG is the combat system. Its repetitive and boring. Although, the sea battles I thought were very cool, the only problem with them is that there isn't many people playing therefore it can get pretty boring. I don't know, It just didn't appeal to me. It seems more to appeal to the younger audience which is a shame. It could have been a great MMORPG.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My MMORPG Expieriences

To get my MMORPG Blog going, I would like to share with you all my experience with MMORPG'S. My days of playing MMORPG'S started 5 years ago with playing (you guessed it) RuneScape. Now I know a lot of you are probably laughing right now. But lets stop and think for a second. I guarantee that almost all of you have played RuneScape at least once in your MMORPG Career. I played Runescape for about a year and a half. I no longer play RuneScape because I lost interest in it.

I moved on to other MMORPG'S. I was satisfied with some and turned off by others. But to this day I will tell you that I have never been able to stay satisfied with any MMORPG for a long period of time. Now since this is a General MMORPG Blog, I will write articles about ALL MMORPG'S not just your general World Of Warcraft or MMORPGS that I only play. So to all you RuneScaper's, you will get your articles. And to all you WoW players, you will get your articles, and so on. Right now I currently play World of Warcraft, Rappelz and Guild Wars. I switch off to different ones every once and a while. I also give some free MMORPG's a try if I am interested enough.

I don't want to base this blog on one specific game. Honestly there are many great MMORPG'S out there that many people just don't pay attention to. I made this blog because I want to immerse myself in a community full of people who share the same interest as me, MMORPG'S. So come join the MMORPG community, posts your thoughts, comments ect. I want to hear everyone elses opinion, not just me rambling on everyday . I do that enough as it is. Haha! I really hope you guys like my posts as I will be posting more MMORPG Discussion, MMORPG tips, MMORPG help, World Of Warcraft Discussion, RuneScape Discussion, Online Game Discussion ect.

MMORPG Pronunciation?

Yesterday, a friend and I were discussing a quite odd topic... How do people pronounce MMORPG? Of course there is normal people who pronounce MMORPG in its letters. But then you have your nerds like my friend I (and probably quite a few of you too :P) that have to come up with some odd way of saying MMORPG. So how do you pronounce MMORPG? muh-mor-puh-guh? emem-orp-guh? or is it memo-r-p-g? I don't know, just gives you something to think about.

Welcome to The MMORPG Blog

Welcome to The MMORPG Blog. This blog is dedicated to the discussion of MMORPG's or Online Games. In this blog, I will be posting about numerous different MMORPG'S and other things related to MMORPG'S. If you have any questions or suggestions for this blog, feel free to email me at