Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rappelz MMORPG Review

Here is my first MMORPG Review for this blog. The rating system is to the right of you on this page.

Playability: For a free MMORPG, this game has a great combat system that doesn't seem to get boring. There are three 3 races to choose from, along with 3 classes. You change your class to different ones as you advance in the game. The dungeons in the game are very fun and will keep you hooked. As you play you get "Job Points" for killing monsters. You spend these job points on skills and abilities. There is something about the system that was developed in this game that keeps you hooked.

Community: I have mixed feelings about the community. There is a global chat in the game where all players can discuss. When you try to ask a question in the global chat, people seem to just ignore you. Although if you meet someone in-game they will usually stop to help you with your problem. I just feel that if there is a global chat, there should be kind enough people to help, but thats usually not the case.

Connection: Tsk Tsk Tsk... Right here is the main problem with this game. This game lags like hell. I am running on a high end computer and even in low resolution, I still seem to lag. City lag is horrible, walking through the town center is a quest in itself.

Graphics: Amazing! These graphics are absolutely amazing coming from a free game. Wait no, coming from a free MMORPG! The grass fields sway back and forth and the characters look beautiful!

Final Score: (8/10)

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